Here is a brief overview for springtime anglers who would like to take advantage of the great fishing opportunities in the Ontonagon area.

The pike and walleye opener in a few days might be a bust, many of the inland lakes are still ice covered or flooded, water temps are still just above freezing, hopefully we’ll get a few warm days in a row to start warming things up. Lake superior fishing around here is on a hold also because of all the run-off the shore line water is really dirty, some boats are picking up a few stealhead, and coho, but it’s pretty slow, again if we can keep a south wind for a few days to blow out the dirty water that would help

The season starts early for White Fish and Coho Salmon fished from shore with crawlers on the bottom for white fish and cleos and spawn for the coho. This usually starts from April 1 until the ice is gone. Then we get the boats out and troll the shallow depths (10 ft. – 20 ft.) with spoons and stick baits for Lake Trout, Browns and Coho. As the water warms you can still catch all the same species but you’ll have to switch to downriggers since the fish gradually go deeper and deeper.

Also starting usually around the end of April the Smelt start running. We’ve been having excellent runs the last few years. All the river mouths are good, and there is very little pressure.

You’ll find one of the best areas for Walleye fishing in the Western U.P. along the Ontonagon River. There is very little pressure except for locals. The best fishing starts around June 1st. Most people either troll rapalas or jig with night crawlers. The water is always stained, so usually the best fishing is after a period of stable weather with little rain. There are also Small Mouth Bass and Northern Pike, but in fewer numbers. The river has a lot of dead heads so fishermen should be cautious when motoring up river.

Best known for its Pike and Small Mouth Bass, but also has an excellent Jumbo Perch fishery and some Walleye. The best fishing starts about June 1st after the weeds have started. Spinner baits are best all around bait for pike and bass buzzed fast over the weed beds. For the perch we use small jigs tipped with crawlers and drift over the mud flats. This lake is a beautiful lake with a rapids at the end and many eagles that nest on its shore. Wildlife sightings are common so bring a camera.

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